aeie is always strives to deliver our products to customers in finest conditions; however, in reality, unforeseeable mistakes during the shipping process are inevitable. For these unpleasant situations, we sincerely apologize to our customers.

In order to help resolve the situation, aeie always keeps photos of the items prior to shipping.

Lost shipment

After the shipments have arrived at the location, we are not responsible for shipments/packages which are lost or stolen. However, we will provide our customers with the necessary information and details to help resolve the matter.

aeie is not responsible for lost shipment/packages due to customers providing wrong or incomplete shipping addresses.


Defect products will be returned/refunded under these conditions:

  • Each item can only be returned/refunded one time.
  • The deadline to apply for the return/refund process is within 7 days from the date of receiving the shipment. 
  • The items must remain intact after unboxing (ie: lightly worn, with tags still on, original conditions)
  • Items belonging to promotion programs are ineligible for the refund/return process.
  • Only shoes/boots items tried on soft surfaces (to avoid damaging shoes outsole) are eligible to apply for the return/refund process.

Note: shipping fees will not be included in the refund process. 


Currently, aeie does not support exchange services. Instead, customers can issue a refund for flawed products/items due to production. Please visit the Return/Refund section for further information regarding the refund process.

NOTE: shipping fees will not be included in the refund process. 

What to do when encountering defective products/items?

Upon receiving, please take pictures of the defective products/items and submit it to as soon as possible in 7 days.

We will compare your pictures with those from our Quality Control Team to evaluate your query’s legitimacy. If your claim is valid, we will proceed with guiding you to our refund/return process.

When the item is returned, it will be examined again by our Quality Control Team to evaluate further evaluate whether the defects are due to production or else. If the defects are due to production, we will refund you within 7 business days after receiving the return items/products.